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Organizing Sewing Patterns

Finally!!! A way to organize my patterns, AND be able to find them quickly without having to thumb through each envelope! Cindy [at] Cindy’s Custom Creations posted an awesome tutorial here.


I took it just a step further by cutting the pattern envelope and adhering the pieces on a blank white paper before slipping them into the clear sheet protectors. That way, I’d be able to see what it looked like, and also the sizing and fabric information found on the backside of each envelope without having to take it out of the sleeve. I outlined the edges in pink so you could get an idea of how I laid out the pieces.

Also, I couldn’t find the 9×12 booklet envelopes (opens at the side) that she used in her post, but I did find 9×12 catalog envelopes (opens at the top). So instead of getting Banker Boxes, I opted for some cool magazine holders, which is perfect for me since I really don’t have a huge stash of patterns anyway.

How do you keep YOUR space neat and tidy? I love seeing different and creative methods of getting organized, so post yours below! 🙂


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