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Planking and My Yellow Summer Dress

I watched Friends With Benefits last night with John and Andy.  That movie was hilarious!  As we walked back to the car we attempted to show off our extreme “planking” skills 🙂

First up is John – what a rebel!

I’m not quite sure what Andy is doing in this pic….

My very first attempt… not sure if you can tell, but I almost fell forward onto my face in the first picture.  Fun times 🙂

I finally finished my yellow floral dress this afternoon 🙂 The waist is elasticized as well as the shoulder which is designed to sit off the shoulders.  I paired it with a belt I picked up from the thrift store and the denim purse I finished yesterday.  Action shot coming soon!

Do you have a cool planking shot you want to show off?  Post it on the web and add the link to the comments section below.  I’d love to see them!


One comment on “Planking and My Yellow Summer Dress

  1. ClouDesign
    August 3, 2011

    I like this fabric ! So energetic! : )

    about your old chair – don’t hesitate ! destroy it ! : D

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