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My Very First Tutorial : Pocket With Small Flaps

This tutorial is for the inside pocket of the bag I made for the Colette Spring Palette Challenge.  I am not sure what you call this kind of pocket opening, but it took me a lot of planning and sleeping to figure out how I was going to sew this together.  Thankfully, I took pictures along the way in case I ever need to look back at how it was done, or if anyone else wanted to know how to do it.

***Note: If I were to make this again, I would stabilize the opening and the flaps with some fusible webbing

For the pocket *flaps*: Cut two strips of fabric.  I wanted my flaps to be 0.25″x7″ each, so I cut two strips of fabric 1″x9″.  Place right sides together and baste right down the center.

Press the seams open ( this is just to ensure that the flaps stay aligned as we sew ).

Cut a rectangular piece of fabric for the lining of the pocket.  It needs to be the same width as the pocket flaps, and twice the length of the desired pocket length plus 0.25″ seam allowance.  In this case, my pocket lining was 9″x8.5″.

The next part is a little hard for me to explain, but basically, you want the inside of the pocket lining against the back of the flap ( the side of the flaps that will be showing when the pocket is complete should be facing upwards ).  Line up the raw edges and sew 0.25″ away from the edge.

Fold the pocket lining so that the opposite edge lines up with the second flap.  Sew 0.25″ away from the edge.

Facing: Cut a rectangular piece of fabric a little bigger than the pocket you’re making (mine was roughly 9″x1.5″ for a 7″x0.5″ pocket).  Draw the pocket opening with a horizontal line through the center and diagonal lines from each corner. Here I centered and pinned it to the lining of my bag.

Sew the perimeter of the pocket opening and slash the center and diagonal lines.

I marked where the seam of the pocket will start with a pin – do this on both sides of the pocket lining/flaps.  The pins should be aligned with the opening we just sewed.

I don’t have pictures for this next bit, but hopefully my instructions are clear.

  1. Sew down both sides of the pocket lining where you marked with a pin.
  2. Take the facing and slip it through the hole we slashed and press it down so it makes a nice rectangular slot.
  3. Align the pocket flaps so that they are the centered within the opening.
  4. Top-stitch along the upper most edge of the pocket and along the sides. DO NOT TOP-STITCH THE BOTTOM EDGE YET!
  5. Take a seam ripper and get rid of the basting stitch holding the two flaps together.
  6. Line the bottom flap up against the top and make sure the opening looks the way you want it to.
  7. Pin and top stitch the bottom edge of the opening ( make sure not to top-stitch through the pocket lining, otherwise you won’t be able to put your hand in the pocket 🙂
  8. Admire your handiwork!

I hope this tutorial was helpful – thanks for reading!



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