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Modified Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt

I found this little treasure in the little boy’s section of my local thrift shop.  It fit pretty snugly, but I felt like I was choking from the tiny neck … Continue reading

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Reupholstered Maternity Chair

The other day my coworker walked into work carrying a stack of cushions and this really fun and festive (kim: EXOTIC!) fabric.  When I asked her what she was going … Continue reading

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Stash Busting #3: Drape Front Top

I absolutely loved how this top came out!  It features raglan sleeves and a drapey cowl neck in a fun splatter print modal knit.  I left the edges of the … Continue reading

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Moving –>

I will be reopening my Etsy shop with brand new wares. I am also moving Halo Halo Designs to a different host, so stay tuned for updates 🙂  You can follow … Continue reading

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Stash Busting #2: Cotton Candy Sleep Set

Here is the project I had talked about in my last post. Super cute tank top and shorts set. Tank top has adjustable straps and both have picot trimming.  Great … Continue reading

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Spicy garlic fried rice recipe

Do you ever feel like you can’t take a quick break when you’re working on a project?  You’re just completely zoned in on what you’re doing, and you continue to … Continue reading

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Stash Busting #1: Floral Pillowcases

I have compiled a list of the fabrics in my stash that have been sitting and collecting dust for several months now.   As I go through my stash and … Continue reading

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Vegas and Easy Marbled Cream Cheese Brownie

Just got back from my family vacation in Vegas, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite pics from this weekend before I head back again for my … Continue reading

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Butter Tea Cookies

I was flipping through one of my pastry books and suddenly had a craving for one of those buttery cookies you find in tin boxes around Christmas time.  I’m not … Continue reading

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On a budget: Easy Spaghetti Sauce

Today I woke up, opened the fridge, stepped into the pantry, and I realized there is no real food, and no money to go out and buy groceries.  I thought … Continue reading

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Stash Busting Series
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